1.  Are all accordion shutters the same?

      A.  No.  There are as many types of accordion shutters as there are types of windows.  Some are stronger than
            others. Choosing the right accordion shutter can make a big difference in price.

  2.  How many mile an hour winds are our shutters rated for?
      A.   Our High Velocity Accordion Shutter has been tested up to 146 Miles Per hour High Velocity Zone, which is
             where Miami Dade County is located.

  3.   What "Gauge" are our shutters?

      A.   Our shutters have many different components. Some are thicker than   
     others. For Example, our accordion shutter tracks are very heavy duty. They are 
     as thick as 3/16 of one inch, which is very thick for a track. The blades are
     about 1/8", but the joints are over 3/16".

  4.   Are we licensed and insured?


  5. Do we give free estimates?

     A.  Yes. But only in Miami Dade County.

  6.  Do we have a minimum fee?

     A.  Yes we do. The minimum for a visit, such as a repair is $150.

  7.   Do we finance?

     A.  Recently, we became associated with the Ygrene financing program and financing options are available
          through the programs offered by Ygrene.    [Get More Information]
  8.  Are our products approved by Miami Dade County?

     A.  Yes they are. All our hurricane shutters are certified by NAMI.

  9.  Do we do repairs and maintenance on shutters?
     A.  Yes we do. Many commercial and residential customers call us to help them when they have trouble with
      their shutters, or when the shutters just need regular maintenance.

  10.  Do we service Broward and Monroe?

     A.  We service South Broward County and North Monroe County.

  11.  Do we have references?

     A.  Absolutely.

  12.  How many years have we been in the business?

    A.  We have been in the business for over 20 years.

  13.  Do we have more products other than shutters?

    A.  Yes we do. We have aluminum roofs, screen enclosures as well as patio enclosures. Please visit these pages
     to get more information.

   14.  Can we contact you via e mail?

    A. Yes you can. Just click on the "Contact us" link on the menu and follow the instructions.
                                       For our insurance mitigation customers

    We are getting an unprecedented demand for storm panels and accordion shutters to cover one or two
   openings.  Naturally many homeowners are upset that they are "being made" to do this or their coverage will be
   dropped.  Windstorm mitigation companies have gotten stricter when it comes to this insurance.  We have 
   therefore prepared this short list of frequently asked questions for this subject:

    1.   Why am I being made to cover openings that were never an issue before?

    A.  Windstorm Insurance companies don't want to run out of money as some of them did back during Hurricane
    Andrews wake.  They have become stricter and want to make sure that the chances of wind or wind borne
   debris damage is kept to an irreducible minimum. That really is the bottom line.

   Glass block openings don't actually require hurricane shutters, if done to code, by many municipalities.  Glass
   block is considered "wind mitigation".  But now insurance companies disagree and require shutters here.

    2.  Is there a set criteria now, or will it keep changing?
   A.   Our experience has been that they are rather constant now and this is what they look for:
    I.  All shutters need to be either stamped (storm panels) or labeled (accordions and roll up shutters).  This even
    includes impact glass.  these markings or engravings must show a Notice of Acceptance before they are
    considered "wind mitigation".
    II.  All doors that "open in" no longer meet the building code standards, and therefore require shutters.

    III.  All garage doors that do not meet any type of wind mitigation criteria need to be changed to code or    

    IV.  Insurance companies will inspect and recommend action to be taken to correct the problems.  Once these
    problems are corrected, they will re-send either the same or another inspector to make sure the issues were  
    corrected.  Inspectors oftentimes require the Notice of Acceptance paperwork or a marking or label as proof.

     3.  Do we assist homeowners with this process?

     A. Yes we do. As covered earlier, we have been doing a lot of these retrofits.

    You can also follow the link below for other
questions about possible discounts given by Windstorm and/or                         Homeowner's insurance :

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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