On this page you'll learn how to do your own estimate for hurricane shutters,            screen enclosures and aluminum roofs.

   Hurricane shutters:


   For High Velocity = $15 a square foot

1. You'll need these tools: Clip board and a sheets of paper, pen and pencil and calculator.

    2.  Do a plan sketch of all the openings you want covered. mark them all clockwise # 1 through as many 
        openings as you have.  If you have more than one story, do two or three sketches, one per floor and
        mark openings the same way.

    3.  Measure each opening that you have numbered. mark next to the marked opening, first the width and
         then the height in inches. 

4.  Once you have measured all, get a separate sheet of paper and list out all of your opening sizes on
         the left side of the page. Leave yourself room to the right of the measurement. you're ready for step:

    5.  Calculate the square footage of each opening, one by one.
Multiply your width by 1.17 and add 8" to your
. Multiply the width by the height (in inches).
         Divide by 144 and you'll get a result. This is the square footage of the opening. mark this next to the size.

    6.  Continue doing the same procedure per opening. Each new opening and measurement will now be in
         rows and columns. The rows are your windows, your columns are your measurements and calculations to
         get your square feet.

    7.  Add up all of your square feet.

    8.  At this point you're wondering what we charge a square foot. It is as follows: For a simple installation it's
         about $15.00 a square foot. So multiply your total square feet by $15050 and you have a rough price. If 
         house is 2 stories, add about $35 per opening on second floor only.

   Roll up shutters:

1. Do steps 1-4 above

    2. Add 8" to the width and about 12" to the top (this will be taken up by the box. If your opening is only up to
        51" high, only add 9 inches to the height. Multiply in inches and then divide by 144. Now you have the
        square footage.

    3.  Do the same for each opening.

    4. Add up your square feet and multiply by $30 a square foot ( I know that's a lot...but that's installed and
        that's what it is).

    5. If your opening is bigger than 35 square feet, like a door or bigger, you'll need a motor. These cost about
        $500 more per opening.
    6. Add all of it up including motors.
   Screen Enclosures:


1.  Draw a sketch of your project. I usually just do a 3 dimensional drawing, showing your sides, front and roof
         area, indicating how high you want to go.  Most screen rooms are about 8 feet high. Mark your side wall
         as area number 1, front wall as area number 2, the other side wall as area number 3 and your roof area as
         number 4.

    2. Measure your slab size (concrete area where you want your enclosure to be erected). start with area 1,
        then 2, then 3 and then 4. Measure width first and then height (don't ask me why we do it like that. We just
        got used to it and it's a standard in the industry).

   3.  Add area one, then 2 and so on. You now have the total square footage. Multiply by $5 per square foot.
        That is what most companies charge. When you have a large area, such as bigger in depth than 20 feet,  
        multiply the roof area only by about $7 a square foot. Depending on the engineering, the beams could be
        quite big that span across the roof area and are more costly.

        Well, now you know what we do and go through to give you an estimate. Yes, it requires a bit of work and 
     using one's head.  Sometimes the hot Florida sun can make this a bit arduous. We don't mind it too much.
     You could say we're used to it. But we don't appreciate it when some clients make us jump through hoops to
     get us to give them an estimate and then forget about us completely. I mean, not even a courtesy call to let
     us know that they got a bit for about $100 less. That's cold, you know.

        Anyway, I know you're not going to do that.  I also know you may appreciate me giving you some trade
     secrets.  My competition may cringe at the fact that I'm sharing some of them with you. So be it. Knowledge
     should be shared for free most of the times. What do you think?

        I hope this was helpful. It is by no means complete. There are other factors that play in, such as difficulty of
     job, accessibility, etc. You also have building permits to consider as well as building plans, engineering and 
     City fees. These all vary.





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