We now have Awnings, Retractable Awnings and Retractable Motorized Awnings and Shades

in many shapes and sizes!  We mainly work The Miami Dade County area. But we also serve South West Broward and North Monroe Counties.

Are you considering reclaiming your back yard from the exhausting heat of summer, or just want to make it

awesome for the holidays so that you can have guests or just relax outdoors? 

Control and limit the sun's UV rays and heat into your home with decorative and beautiful awnings,

shades and blinds.

Call us for an estimate in Miami or South Broward. We will get this done for you in time for the holidays.


Tel: 305 266 2100

Awnings, Retractable Awnings and Shades

                             in Miami

Retractable awningWindow shades in all colorsMotorized Retractable Awninggrey chained shademotorized shadeShade_2.jpg

Patio fabric motorized retractable awning

Patio fabric motorized retractable awning

Wide assortment of fabric motorized shades

Beautiful manually operated shade

Push button or remote controlled

Motorized shade

Push button or remote controlled Motorized shade

Call 305 266 2100 to schedule an estimate


All of these awnings and shades are on display

at Rollingshield, our supplier.


Awnings provide excellent shelter

for home entrances.

These Awnings provide coverage for an outdoor patio.

Excellent for cookouts and entertaining guests.

Retractable Awnings can provide

coverage or allow more light.

This simple Awning style provides

overhead coverage for an entrance.

This Awning provides outdoor comfort and enjoyment.


Retractable Awnings come in various styles

to fit your needs.