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Accordion Shutter Carriage wheel with screw assembled, our most popular part.

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Small roll up motors


Large roll up motors

Conical_Stops.JPGAccordion Shutter Carriage Wheel

HV Accordion Push button lock. 

Note: when you order more than 1 lock

we'll ship the same key for all

Hold down clips

for crank handle

Conical stop for roll up shutters

                                We do discounted shipping for our Hurricane shutter parts to all states in the southeastern United States. 

                                These are:   Florida, Ga., South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

                                    All other states such as Texas, Arizona, California, Washington, and Virginia, Delaware, New York,

                                            the New England states and the rest of the U.S. will be charged a modest shipping fee.  


                                                                NOTE: No returns or refunds. We are no longer accepting returns or giving refunds.

                                       PLEASE make sure you order correctly! We've made very attempt to make sure you do.

                                                       INTERNATIONAL ORDERS

                                                                                                        All international orders require that shipping charges are quoted by us
                                                                                                   and then paid by the customer prior to shipment.
                                                                                     Please contact us by e-mail and we will do our best to make this as smooth as possible.

Accordion Shutters Parts   Remember to visit  to be able to choose color, correct quantities                                                      and get discounted shipping charges for most of the Southern states.

High Tech Accordion  Handle lock.

We'll ship the same key for all

when you order more than 1

Universal Crank handle,

fits most universal joints (Shown Below)

Parts for Roll up Shutters 

         and lots more!


Locking Pins comes in 6", 12",18" &24" These

can be missing or the thumbscrew can be broken'


Strap hanger for roll up blades


Hold Down Clips for

Decorative Colonial Shutters


2 Hole square shaft universal

4 Hole square shaft universal

4 Hole Hexagonal motor

overdrive shaft universal


Colonial Shutters Parts

Shutters Screws and Hardware


 Colonial Shutters Hinge


Quickset with large head.

Number 10= 3/16" X 1&1/2"

Sold only in hundreds


Remote Control and Receiver 

for roll up shutters


What's the Universal's function?:  It transfers the motion from the crank handle

to the gear inside the box so that the roll up shutter can move up or down.

Stainless Steel Panel Screw

1/4" X 1&1/2"

Sold only in hundreds

Wing nut for Storm panels

Used for Storm Panels systems

Fits 1/4" studded  angle

Sold only in hundreds.


Universal joints (shown below):

Joint used with the crank handle shown above

When you have to use a sledge hammer to slide

your accordion, it's time to change the wheels

 Still can't find it? Find it at

Please scroll down this page to find the part/s you're looking for.  Chances are we have it.

Please keep in mind that not all Roll up shutters or accordions are the same. So before you call or order,

make every effort to ensure you're ordering the right part. 

Most shutters have a label. If  yours doesn't have one and you must call us,  let us  know who made that shutter, if possible.  If all fails, e mail us a picture.  Most times we can identify it for you. That will help us in narrowing down the part that you need.

The good news is that most carriage wheels are the same on most accordions, motors for roll ups are interchangeable, etc.

                        If you're in a hurry. You can order online via Paypal or credit card. Just click on the appropriate link(s).                                                                            
We ship every 24 hours via US Post Office.  Please allow 5-7 days for delivery within the US.

We're improving this page. We have now added many more items for you to order online.

We now also have a new sister website where you can order finished Hurricane Shutters Units or parts.
We had limited space on this site. The demand for online parts and accessories has been ever 

Thus, we have provided many more choices, such as items, colors, quantities, etc. 

Go to BetterShutters.Net for an improved shopping experience,

additional selections and more information.

The Belt drive, (Recoil box)

with the Roller guide. 



Scroll down for more info

If you are doing repairs for a client, we can set you up with special prices if you'll do repeat orders.

Also you may have technical questions such as what part to use for a now obsolete shutter Go to our sister website. Here you will find dealer discounts and a larger variety of parts, such as gears, caps and bearings for roll down shutters and a bigger variety of accordion shutter locks.

Free Instructional videos:

links to do it yourself Change the strap

Link to adjusting the up and down limits for roll up shutters


How to install a roll up shutter video

Still don't see what you are looking for? A Roll Down Shutter is the most complex of all Hurricane Shutters. We couldn't list all items. You can this link I'm giving you and find the part you are looking for and then call us: Eastern Metal Supply Roll Down Shutter Parts.

Can't find what you're looking for? Go to BetterShutters.Net for an improved shopping experience, 

additional selections and more information. Hurricane Shutters Parts Online Ordering

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MAXI is for 58mm or 60mm shutter blades. (Blades 2-1/4" top to bottom)

MINI is for 40mm shutter blades.

(Blades 1-1/4" top to bottom)

             Roller Guide

(Purchase Separately)


Please Note:

Ivory High Tech Accordion locks are no longer available.

High Tech Locks are available in White, Beige and Silver as long as limited supplies last.



120 Volt Roll Up Shutter Tester

with Up & Down Limit Adjuster

Comes with one plastic limit adjuster tool.



Roll Up (Roll Down) Shutter Parts

More Roll Up (Roll Down) Shutter Parts

Accordion Shutter Parts

Aluminum Keyhole Washers

Used with Storm Panels Systems

Sold in Packs of 25