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Useful tip:   Did you know that it's better to change your garage door to an impact Hurricane rated door than to put shutters over it? You change the door and you're set! Ask us about our low prices on Garage doors.

   Hurricane shutters come in many forms. Not all hurricane shutters will look right in your home or business or be possible to install. Below we will list every type of shutter possible and explain its characteristics:

 Storm panels:

Do you need storage for your panels? Navigate this link for a solution: SHEDS

   Of all the hurricane shutters in the market available, storm panels, short of plywood "shutters" are the least expensive and affordable in the market today.

There are five basic types that we can provide

you or manufacture:

  Steel storm panels:

This type of hurricane shutter is very affordable and very effective against hurricanes,
even more so,  strong tropical storms.  It is made of galvanized steel, which resists rust.

The downside to steel panels is that they're heavy, sharp and dangerous. Many
homeowners call us to change these to accordion shutters or even impact glass,
if they can afford it.  Another downside is that they need to be removed from the
openings after the storm has passed.

We've seen some homeowners in Miami who leave their storm panels up for the whole hurricane season!  I don't know for sure why, except that they may not want to put them up again for the next storm.

  • Aluminum Storm panels:
   Aluminum storm panels are not as strong as steel storm panels, but they're a good alternative to steel. They are light weight and not as dangerous. They are rated for hurricanes and, just as steel, have Miami-Dade County Product Approval or N.O.A. (Notice of acceptance).
  They are affordable.  Again, the downside is very much like its counterpart above.

  A medium house will cost about $3,000

   Clear lexan storm panels:

   These have become very popular in the South Florida Area, mainly because
once they're up, they may not have to be taken down after each storm. They
allow the sun's rays to come through and don't give you that claustrophobic
feeling that was mentioned earlier.They are very durable, but can only be
installed in openings that are not bigger than five feet.

    We have done a combination of aluminum storm panels in the bigger openings
and clear lexan in the others. This has been workable and as good solution to

those on a budget.

  A medium house will cost about $5,000

   Accordion shutters:

   Accordion shutters are possibly the favorite shutters in South
 Florida. They are fairly affordable and strong against hurricanes.
These also have the Miami-Dade County Product Approval.

  These are installed permanently. they slide sideways, or from right
 to left or left to right.
They lock in the middle with either a "T handle" lock or a push
 button lock.
   An accordion shutter stacks on the left and right side of your
 daylight opening so that it won't block your view. It requires little maintainance,
 but should be opened and closed every season. Sometimes bees or wasps love
to leave their nests inside the tracks. This will discourage them from doing so.

  Accordion shutters come in various colors: white, ivory, beige and bronze (dark brown--almost black).

  A medium house will cost about $7,000

   Roll up shutters/ Roll down shutters:

   Roll up shutters are a favorite with many customers who can afford
 them. These cost about twice as much as accordion shutters, but offer
comfort and ease of use.

   A roll up shutter or "Rolladen", as many call it, rolls vertically. It can
have a crank handle, for operation, or a motor for easy operation with a
push button. The preferred roll up shutter is a motorized shutter.
A motor usually costs an extra $200 per roll down shutter.

   Many advances in electronics makes it possible for roll up shutters to
be operated with one push button for many units, so that all of them
operate simultaneously. They can even be programed to be on a timer
or remote controlled operated. they can be costly, but offer security, peace
of mind and protect very well against storms.

   Roll up shutters can also be used as a shade. the slats (blades) can be
 vented or non vented. That means that they come with little holes that
let the light in as they are roll down. They can also save you money as
you notice your electric bill lowering. They are a great solution to
                                controlling the elements.

   A medium house will cost about $20,000 with motorized roll ups.                              
     Colonial shutters:
Colonial shutters are a favorite in the Caribbean. We have
 already manufactured and shipped many of these to:  Turks and
 Caicos, Providenciales. They are very strong against hurricanes
 and  other storms and offer an unparalleled beauty.
 They have become a major part of our export department
 They come in various designer colors and are a special order.
The cost is about the same as a motorized roll up shutter.
    A medium house will cost about $15,000



Bahama shutters hinge on a special bracket from the top. These are made of
strong aluminum and stainless steel screws. They have a special look in that

They appear to be more like a shade than a shutter.

    These come in various designer colors like the colonial shutter and
 looks very much the same as a colonial, except that it hinges at the
 top. The colonial shutter hinges on the sides.

   If you want more information, please visit our sister website:

                                                        Impact glass:

   Impact glass is a type of shutter in its own right. It's affordability has made it a major industry in the South Florida area. It stays in place and that's your shutter. No push button or moving parts.

   The glass part of the impact glass system works similar to the windshield in a car. it will crack, but won't shatter in pieces like your regular tempered glass. Yes, after the storm you will have to get the glass replaced in the unlikely event that it cracks. But such is a small price to pay for what the benefits that you do get.

   It is not for every budget, however, as a large house can cost as much as $50,000. A medium house about $25,000.

To our California Clients:

We have been getting many requests to ship Roll down shutters to California. The typical shipping cost of one roll down shutter that covers a double door is about $350, via Fed Ex Ground, our preferred carrier.
We thought you may want to know this information if you're calling from there.

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Hurricane Shutters Storm panelsClear Lexan Storm panelsAccordion Shutters for houseRoll up ShutterColonial Shutter

Steel Storm Panels

Accordion Shutters for the whole house

Red_Bahama.jpgcredit_card_logo.jpgSteel storm PanelsA_Colonial_before_painting.jpg

This is what a colonial looks like before going out for painting

Steel Storm Panels

White Hinged COLONIAL3%5B1%5D.JPG

This is what a colonial looks like after coming back from painting

White Roll Up Shutters

Roll up Shutters also called

Roll down shutter


Bahama shutter


Storm panels need to be put up before a storm and taken down again after a storm


Here's a Lexan port hole to let the light in when accordion is closed

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Types of window shutters:


Accordion  shutters Enclose rear porch


White Roll up Shutters

Black Colonial Shutters

Bronze Roll up Shutters

Decorative Bahama Shutters


Unpainted Colonial Shutters


Shiny white painted Colonial Shutters

Clear Lexan Storm Panels

January_04_2013_Phone_503.jpgWhite ColonialsCellPhone_Woman_ft.jpgcolonial1%5B1%5D.JPGcolonial1%5B1%5D.JPGStorm_Panels.jpgStorm_Panels.jpg

Aluminum Storm Panels

January_04_2013_Phone_505.jpgColonials in a houseMay_203_Job_pictures_006.JPGMay_203_Job_pictures_007.JPG

Roll Ups Non-Vented

   (No light comes through)

     Roll Ups Vented

(A little light comes through)

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White Colonial Shutters