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Accordion Hurricane shutters



Clear Lexan panels


                                           Hurricane Shutters  

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Accordion Hurricane Shutters

 Roll up Shutters in Bay Window

 Decorative Colonials

Call: (305) 266-2100

For Hurricane Shutters parts please visit

a parts dedicated site, or call:     305 263 7475

Order early.  Hurricane Shutters are in big demand and prices

Order today while supplies last.

       Bronze Roll up/ Roll down

          Hurricane  Shutter

Decorative Bahama Shutters


  Steel and Aluminum Storm 


Colonial Hurricane Shutters

We have thousands of satisfied clients.

Motorized Roll up/Roll down

Hurricane shutters

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Accordion Shutter Parts .

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Roll up Shutter Parts 

and Components.

Roll up/ Roll down

Hurricane Shutters


 Functional and Decorative

      White Colonials

Free Estimate visits are available in our (limited) local area.

Free Estimates are also available by phone and e-mail

if measurements are provided by the client.

We had 4 major Hurricanes last season! YOU can't afford to let your guard down.


Enclose your entire rear porch


Roll up shutter crank handle. 

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           This year has been one of  the busiest season ever!  Hurricane Irma  and  Harvey                  last year created an  unprecedented  demand  for  our  products. 
            But  here's  the  good  news!!  We will make sure a that your order is handled in a
            timely fashion. You are still in time to order, but don't delay, don't be left out this
            season. We have also hired more staff to meet the demand.
           The  busiest  time  of  the  year  for storm protection is traditionally
            August (Andrew), September (Irma) and October.  

                        Hurricane shutters still offer a low cost alternative to impact glass.                                             
                            Call for a free estimate* today in the Miami-Dade County area 

             All of our shipping is now being done through our other website:

                  We have been in business since 1993 and fully licensed and insured.


              *(Free Estimates are available in most areas in Miami-Dade County.)          

             We are the  leaders  for  Hurricane  Shutters in  Miami  Dade County, Coral

             Gables, Coconut Grove, Palmetto Bay,  Pinecrest and other  municipalities.

    is the website belonging to  Exacta Tech Incorporated.

          This is  probably  the most complete website  you will find in the South Florida
          area. We've done our best to answer almost any question you may have about
          shutters. Use the navigation menu on the left to find what you are looking for.  
       We have upgraded our shipping service. You can now have most of our
    hurricane shutter parts shipped right to your front door.
      Shipping is discounted to most southern states:
    South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana and Florida.

    We provide and ship Hurricane Shutter Parts to many areas

    of the United States, including but not limited to:

    Northern Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina,

    Virginia and Maryland.

    And Ohio, Illinois, Southern California and Hawaii are also areas where

    customers are receiving parts from us.

    We also ship to many islands in the Caribbean when customers

    need parts or Hurricane Shutters.

                                                                               The time for waiting is over. 
                                  Take advantage now even during the hurricane season.
                         We still have low  prices. The National weather service predicted
                       a busy season; even so, many would be buyers decided not to buy.
                             Therefore you can call us and get incredible deals.           
         Schedule your  hurricane shutters estimate today.
    All of our shutters are Florida Building Code and Miami Dade County approved.                           
    Now is the best time to buy. Call us today: 305 266 2100

                                                          A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF OUR SHUTTERS:

                    Our  Hurricane Shutters meet or exceed The New Florida Building Code

                              and the Miami Dade County High Velocity Building Codes. 

                                  They are tough,  easy to use and last a very long time! 

                         And they are ideal to handle your insurance company's demands.


        That is why they are better, much better than many Hurricane Shutters offered by the

         competition.  Many  home or business owners may  think:  "Shutters  are  Shutters".

         To  some  degree  that's  true,  but  there  are  major  differences in the quality of our

           compared to what you may buy from low price "leaders".

               We manufacture and install only Miami- Dade County and Florida Building Code

                        Approved products. Our accordion  shutter is called: "High Velocity". 

                               Eastern Metal Supply is our supplier  and we belong to ASSA

                                              (American Shutters Systems Association).

       Our products: We carry a full line of aluminum products.
     These include: Roll Up (Roll Down) Shutters (manually operated and electric); 
    Accordion Shutters (High Velocity for our zone).
    And, e carry Aluminum and Steel Storm Panels.

    We also have  Bahama and Colonial shutters. 
    These are all certified by NAMI.

          We have suspended our Screen Enclosures Section until further notice

            If you still need an estimate, please call in your measurements
                                     and we'll quote you over the phone.


             Please visit our "Products" page by clicking the link above or the pictures.


           Our installers have been with us for years and are very experienced and courteous.

           We all strive to service you.   So you'll always know the status of your order, from

           beginning to end.


           Our biggest  market is residential. We do cater to some dealers as well. We also do

           commercial work,  preferably for known clients such as developers and General

           Contractors. But our main concentration  remains residential.


                                This Hurricane season may get be busier and this is why:


            1.  We have  not  had  a major storm in the past 10 years.  Many home owners anticipate a busy

            season for this year. They have been placing orders off season, knowing that they can get deals.

            2.  Windstorm insurance companies also anticipate a busy season this year. In order to minimize

            their risk they've been mandating every homeowner to put up hurricane shutters in all openings

            that were not protected before.  We have been having an unprecedented number of these calls.

           3.  Despite the slump in the  Real  Estate  market,  many  foreclosed  homes  were  bought. These

           need  improvements,  which  include  installing  hurricane shutters. Would you believe that some

           soon-to-be-foreclosed homeowners removed and resold their shutters for scrap?

           Hard to believe, but true.

         Do you have insurance discount questions? Call us.

                  We can save you lots of money by covering all exposed openings with Hurricane shutters. 

                                                                                    Ask us how.


                                       Is one of your new year's resolutions to get Hurricane shutters? 

                                                             You have landed on the right website! 
            If  you are a provident person and like to plan ahead, now is the best time to call for an estimate.   

        We have reduced our prices as much as 20%! Call for a free quote. 

                        Make your investment in hurricane
  security to your  home or business affordable. 

                      We have designed this page to help you navigate it  easily and find all of the possible

                       information you need.  Just  use  the navigation buttons on the top left corner of the  

                       page.  We hope you become another one of the thousands of satisfied clients. 

                                           Call Now:     (305) 266-2100 


            Due to the high  demand  for this upcoming hurricane season,  which is  predicted to have high

            activity by The National Weather Bureau, please go to our "Contact us" link in order to  request

            a formal quote  for hurricane shutters. If you already have the measurements for your openings,

            it will assist us in getting your estimate to you much quicker.

                                             The products listed below offer the solution that you're looking
                                                             for to protect your home or business:    

                                                                Shutters Repairs:

                          Do you just need to have your Hurricane Shutters repaired? Try us. We'll repair:
         Roll up (also called Rolladen) Shutters, Accordion shutters  Storm Panels and faulty installations.
                    Most of the times the Shutters repair will be a lot less expensive than you may think.

            WE are now doing  Hurricane Shutters repairs in the Miami-Dade Couty and Broward County

               You can also call us to do maintenance, such as lubrication of parts and to make sure that
            your hurricane shutters are strong enough for a major storm. Many of our competitors don't
           like doing shutters repairs.  We  feel  this  is short sighted. True, there is higher profit in new
           installations, but a hurricane shutters repair properly done and a satisfied client, has brought
           us many referrals: new installations. 


                                                       HIRE US WITH CONFIDENCE
                                    We have been licensed and insured since 1993

                                        and have satisfied thousands of customers                   


                            Yes, we pull permits and work closely with Miami-Dade County and other



                                                              If you need references click below:                         


                                                            Here's what customers say about us:


             They came out same day and fixed my screens on the spot and charged a very 

       reasonable  price! Other companies on this yahoo local list were called but they were

              too expensive or too busy. I highly recommend them. Call this company first!

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     Friendly and service oriented:  Although the 2005 hurricane season was very active. Shutters  
     and Screens made sure that we got our shutters in 2 months instead of 3-6 months that other
     companies had told us. the price was fair and the staff friendly. I highly recommend them
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